I'm Andrew Zeller, a mechanical engineer and frontend developer with a track-record of solving problems and developing products in fast-paced startup environments. I recently taught myself web development through FreeCodeCamp and have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I have three years of experience in mechanical design engineer roles at Fetch Robotics and WeWork. After being part of a mass layoff at WeWork in November 2019, I took a sabbatical to explore my interest in designing and developing web apps.

In February 2020 I completed the freeCodeCamp Full-Stack Web Developer certification and have since built a handful of full-stack React apps with Next.js and Gatsby.js.

Whether it be in the hardware or software worlds, I love building products that are elegant, useful, and cost-effective.

My Developer Toolbox

These are the tools I have experience using to build apps and sites. I'm constantly learning new tools so this list is subject to change 🤓.

Frameworks & Libraries


Design tools and libraries